Liam Markin – Disc 2 Intro

Letra “Liam Markin – Disc 2 Intro” Official Lyrics


And show you the ground I see
For the millions of people
Who come and go around the world
The greatest treasure there ever was
And the truth you’ll never discover
Don’t know how to live without me
I was living without love
And I know there was never much love
Deep inside my soul
I never took much love
Deep inside my soul
I am alive again
I’m back again
With a brand new world
Made out of dreams
Told you forever and never told it to die
You thought you were in control


‘Cause I want to be a man yes, yes, I do
I was an arrow that came close
And pierced you but you were healthy
You played for all them tribes in the north
Been fighting the waves all along the coast
And you lost your faith and lost faith only
I was captured and then sold for your body
Yes I cried for my life then I was finally delivered
No apologies, really been much helped your mortal body
There’s a small town in the north eastern United States
I want to be a man
Yeah, but I wanna be a man who turns his back on high
And who doesn’t love his dreams
When his heart is wounded and his demons grow
And he has nothing left to say
To help his old self better

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