Lights – Long Live (ft. Travis Barker)

Long Live – Lights (ft. Travis Barker) Lyrics, Letra:
Home is where the heartache is, so baby pack up your desktop
Let’s piggyback the internet from the Walmart parking lot
Hair high with a cat eye, you held my hand in the movie
You got me iced tea as our friends ran off to do E
Said you can’t be shit if you can’t be true to you
As you slapped the street sign like your parents Subaru

Long live being in love, being obscene
Long live saying that we’re nineteen
Black coffee and acetaminophen
Long live The Listening and everything in between

Long live the motherfuckin team
Long live the scene
Long live the motherfuckin team
Long live the dream

So we took off around the back, baby, scout regiment shout Sally and Jack
It wasn’t what we did but what you said in the moments I was lost in my head
I told myself I was worthless, you told me that I was perfect
Then you kissed me and we fell asleep listening to Postal Service
Play me beating hearts, baby
Come over to my place
I’ll be, your number one lady
Kissing on MySpace
Even though I got big dreams
I’ll be dying of boredom
It’s nice to have nothing
Except my friends on the forum
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