LightSkinKeisha – Demon Time

Demon Time – LightSkinKeisha Lyrics Letra:
First thing first I could never be a weak bitch
So really y’all can miss me with that weak shit
You bottom of the barrel ass hoes stop reaching
They claim to hate me but they copy, that’s some creep shit
Bank account full of zeros and it keep increasing
Go ahead and mention my name so my music keep on streaming
Don’t make me pop my shit I’m looking for a reason
Y’all gon’ make me turn into a fucking demon
Got it out the mud went from broke now I’m rich
rode it so good fucked around and made a hit
Top 5 on the charts, yea my name was on that list
Gimme my respect ain’t nobody hand me shit
On the road 6 a.m I had to make something shake
Interviews early morning can’t even beat my face
Fuck it put a hat on can’t even fix my lace
I got something to prove I ain’t got no time to waste
Friends turn to enemies the more I made profits
Started getting jealous and they watching all my pockets
I did shit for bitches when I had nothing in my wallet
So how the fuck you blaming me because you couldn’t keep it solid
Funny how they link up with your opps when y’all fall out
But ima let y’all have that bum shit while I ball out
Don’t have a fuck to give about you hoes bitch I’m all out
Cross em right of the picture like a fucking crop out
Now I’m piping up on you bitches
Why y’all hating in my comments and my mentions
Topic of your group chats yea you hate to see me winning
Fuck you if you said I couldn’t do it cuz lil bitch I did it
Head bitch in charge ima motherfucking soldier
Hood rich bitch hunnit bills in my roller
Ima real fiend for that green like an ogre
Bitch I am the best I can’t be mediocre
Yea I’m going ape shit
If you ain’t got no money you can’t say shit
Never been the type of bitch to play with
And they never thought a bitch like me would make it
The odds was put against me and I overcame that
Instead of getting in my feelings I got in my bag
My name everywhere and they got em big mad
Fronts and backends it’s coming through, I got them big racks
They said I’m material cuz I pop shit
Gotta let you bitches know who you not fucking with
Diamonds round my neck and they so fucking big
And now I’m on TV bitch I’m fucking lit
Call my momma up tell her look momma we made it
Finna buy her the new crib and it’s all gated
My name gonna hold weight as one of the greatest
You should have never doubted, you should have fucking waited
Stupid ass bitches I got y’all in a motherfucking chokehold
Y’all bitches gotta watch me on your morherfucking tv screen every motherfucking day bitch
That’s what the fuck you get bitch
Doing better than all y’all motherfucking hoes
Y’all hoes ain’t got no money y’all asses ain’t got no motherfucking furniture in y’all houses
Y’all bitches ain’t got no nigga
Y’all bitches ain’t got no motherfucking walls in your pussys
Y’all bitches is pathetic
Ha ha ha ha look who’s laughing now bitch
A funny bitch
And I’m the one funny but I made y’all bitches jokes
Fuck outta here, y’all bitches could never see me
And that’s just that on that and ima keep on pissing y’all hoes off
Ima keep shitting on y’all hoes’ life
Any bitch out there that done fell out with me and now you goddamn cool with my opps
Bitch fuck you with a sick dick
I don’t give a fuck bout y’all hoes
Y’all hoes watching me
Y’all hoes in the comments under the blogs talking shit bout me
Bitch look at you, look at you
You could’ve been apart of this
But no you wanted to be a motherfucking hater
Y’all hoes pathetic, y’all hoes need to get you some motherfucking money
And I been humble and I been humble but fuck being humble
I’m finna pop my shit on y’all hoes
I’m on demon time now bitch
Fuck outta here
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