Lil Atom – Came Up

Lil Atom – Came Up Lyrics Letra:
Whole lotta strikes woah I woke up this morning smoking a pound hey
Whole lotta bag woah I woke up this morng and haters be talking their shit
Talking their shit all on the phone bitch shut your phone up TK on the come up got 30k in 2 months
I’m driving round town in my scooter bitch
Imma pull up to your bitches imma steal your bitch dat choppa gon talk to dat boi speak to the boi prayed dat he didn’t come his home ay
I was speeding round town wit my side chick doing like 170 on the dash bitch
I crashed the car but I ain’t fuck dat bitch yet so I just crash my car and fucked her on an accident
She go oh like oh my god
I don’t wanna fuck dat thot ouhhh
I’m balling like 80 Kobe yea huh
I’m balling like T she gon beat it yea
Ouh I’m finna be bitchey ay
Yo ay I’m finna be Biddy ay
Pull up on me but I got the choppa I bust it at them
Bitch be talking dat shit hold up lil bitch I got dat lil choppa
You cannot fuck wit my shit
I got my shit from the west side
Screaming sas side
Baby wanted sex time
Im on her mind baby wanted brain time people words be like punches I get punched woah I be taking up the punch just like crunches woah hit dat bitch wit a upper cut she getting floored i just got punched in my face I ain’t going nowhere
I make videos out my phone bitch you make videos out your camera bitch dats a big ass difference bitch i make wild. Shit from my heart

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