Lil Candy Paint – Sad Story

Sad Story Lyrics
Lil Candy Paint – Sad Story Lyrics

Free Joe Exotic, you know what I’m saying?
Fuck Carol Baskin, she’s a ho

Shawty trippin’ in my phone like who you talking to?
I reply back to lil’ shawty who you talking to
I count paper every day, I ain’t stalking you
Heard you laid up with a lame and he dogging you
It’s just another sad story
You had your chance lil’ baby in your glory
Now you waking up so pissed every morning
You gotta take it to the chin, your life boring
I’m not tripping every morning my life straight
I wake up to lobster, pussy and some steak
She was talking about love again, I told her get out my face
I don’t want that shit no more ‘cause that shit there so fake
How the fuck you not my bitch and you be on my case?
How the fuck you not in my life and you be in my face?
How the fuck you not around but still be in my way?
How the fuck you making time to make up all these plays?
I guess another sad story
It’s on me, karma, bitch, I’m paying for it
I guess it’s another sad story
It was raining but I made it through the storm
I had dropped out, I ain’t make it to the dorms
Now they feel me when they see me and perform
Turned my dream into my life, I wouldn’t change shit
You gon’ prolly buy my album and gon’ hate this


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