Lil Dr Akex – Jeans

Letra “Lil Dr Akex – Jeans” Official Lyrics

You are now listening to Anywaywell (Producer Tag)
And Lil Dr Akex, don’t forget about me, this song’s about a girl, let’s go!

Why’d you gotta pull up in them jeans?
You know we’re going to park somewhere in between
Two parked cars so no one sees


Why’d you gotta to pull up in them jeans?

I wore my sweats but you didn’t wear a dress
I’m pulling in, I’m at your address
Just so I can pull out and make a mess
You’re pulling up just so I can pull down
You said you’re coming in 20, I haven’t even touched you yet
Went to get gas then came back
Picked you up just so I can drop you down


We should be in an SUV
Instead with in this luxury, sеdan
We should be at your place, your aunt
Wе should be at my place, L.A. traffic
We should be in a motel 6 with enough space for sixty nine but we’re not
Instead we’re in this parking lot
I’m trying to get you out of the car to go to Nordstrom rack
Instead you want to recline the seat back and lie on your back or get in the back and have me do it from the back
You said you’d help me choose some clothes because we both know few hetero’s know how to pick out those
In fact, next door to Nordstrom Rack is a TJ Maxx, I can buy a skirt for you there cause I ain’t rewarding your bad behavior with last years Rebecca or Tanya Taylor

You love when we do it in the car but these tints can only go so far
Heck, you should be sitting on my lap on a mall or park bench, lips on my neck, legs over my waist, I can thrust in slow motion, people would think we’re just two love birds making out, that’s if you had on a dress but instead you had to wear them jeans!!!

So, why’d you gotta pull up in them jeans?!!!

Do you get a thrill when someone sees?
I should have said no dress, no sex, no summer breeze

Remember 3 weeks before?
Hadn’t even been 3 minutes since you opened the car door
First red light and your lips went from my lips to my hips, and my hand went from your shoulder to your other lips then my other hand made a sudden turn over that bump onto the shoulder and rebent you over
All this next to that police station so we were rushing
Neither of us came but it was still insane
Just like you became, in your brain
30 minutes later, when I fucked you literally silly in that Starbucks parking lot, I hit all your spots
H you out, before I came inside, JK creampie (slurp)

You should be in my back seat, instead you’re on your back in my front
seat, unzipped your fly south west, jeans slid
a foot
below your waist just in case, pink thong to the left, you’ll make me taste.
Gotta be on the lookout
, can’t risk it, full on penetration, the police can’t miss it
If you had a dress there’d be no need to undress but either way I’d nipple slip out that breast from your chest, while we compress to decompress

You even let me to take a 40 second video, well I asked for 10 but I rounded up


Why’d you gotta pull them jeans on?
You know we always get it on
Push up that dress, slide left that thong
Pull down that ass, not right hole wrong

Why’d you gotta pull them jeans on?
You know we always get it on
Push up that dress, slide left that thong
Pull down that ass, not right hole wrong

Pulling in just so I can pull out
Parking it just so I can park it
Walking up just so I can rundown
Pushing it just so I can pull it

You know I like to park in your dark, hole
Park in that dark, hoe
Park in the dark, ho
Parks in the dark, howl!!!


It’s day time and it’s play time, and you want me to eat you out?

So, should we get in the front or the back? Lie on your front or your back? Should I hit it from the front or the back? Should I hit the front or the back?

Put the seats on recline, hit you good from be behind, no cheap shot, just a come shot, stain spot from the one drop

Speaking of drops, that’s all I got (on this topic) until magical ride comes out


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