Lil Durk – Chiraqimony

Chiraqimony – Lil Durk
Lyrics, Letra:
You know what I’m saying, um
The album done
Love Songs for the Streets 2

I got niggas who locked up who niggas lied on
These niggas shootin’ at these kids, they shootin’ in blindfolds
I got blood in my eyes, it ain’t mine, oh
And I got niggas in the trenches who I’d die for
They got a murder that’s unsolved, it got my mind gone
And foenem still’d be right here if he ain’t take his mask off
Couldn’t even think, his murders still unsolved, oh
They said I still can’t do no shows in Chicago
That’s why I’ma charge a hundred fifty for a concert
When I’m done with that gun, clean your palms, oh
I’d rather do 100 years than see my mom hurt
Before you say I left you hangin’, get a bond, oh
I tell ‘em, Nine coming home, they say I’m lying, oh
I wonder what was in his mind in that Tahoe
Off this ecstasy, I cannot sleep-ay-ay-ay
Wash this gun powder off with some bleach-ay-ay-ay
I’m Lil Durk and I be representing the trenches
Steady ready running from the Jakes, we hoppin’ fences
I regret I caught that case, I had a witness
And when I’m talking to the streets I bet they listen
When I was down bad on my dick, they ain’t pay attention
Man, I fell down to my knees when the law came
And I can’t go like Mitch in the hallway
I’d rather go out just like Rico, snake ‘em all, ay

Oh, oh-oh, ooh
I put this pain in this shit, that’s why I got the streets
They gotta come see me for that pain shit, bro
Oh, oh, ooh, woah, oh, oh

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