Lil Durk & Only The Family – Riot (Lyrics) ft. Booka600 & G Herbo

Riot (Lyrics) – Lil Durk & Only The Family ft. Booka600 & G Herbo Lyrics, Letra:
They started riots
They started riots again
They started riots
They started riots again..②

I go to the hood they tell me don’t come back
I’m starting a riot again
They coming around they bringing them drugs
I’m starting to get high again
I fell on my back I was tryna get up
But I had to go try it again
I cheated on you and now it’s my confession
I’m sorry I’m mad again

He in a cell when I say sorry it’s his pride again
This lawyer money steady stacking up
So his appeal won’t get denied again
Why Lil Durk can’t do shows in Chiraq
‘Cause he’ll start riots again
I know who sell phones and ipads
They tryna get by again

Just keep Chicago in your prayer
Talk to the kids and you don’t gotta pay us
I know that you thinking I probably don’t care
I’m willing to change can I talk to the mayor
They go off my past they don’t treat me fair
Radio didn’t play my songs on the air
I try to go pop but the lane wasn’t there
I change my music they still didn’t care

I made the news, I visit schools
They still deny me for my show, I’m confused
I’m tryna talk to the alderman
I’m tryna talk to the mayor
I’m tryna talk to the chief of police
But they don’t wanna hear it they scared
They said

They started riots
They started riots again
They started riots
They started riots again..②

All of my n**gas savage most of my n**gas valid
Know a couple n**gas ratted most of mine kept it silent
Little cuz fighting for murder
Told ’em chill out gotta keep faith till the trial end
Half my city divided, if they can’t get no money they sliding

That’s why all the young n**gas wildin’
That’s why they started them riots again
Police ain’t doing nothing about it
Violate our rights, tryna whack us again
It was life or death for my best friends
I don’t want Glocks all FN’s
I told the youngins be better than me
If I don’t try and help ’em I’m less of a man

I can show you how to manage your money
‘Cause I took a lesser advance
You in a position to be rich forever
But what about the rest of your friends
Know I changed cause I said things
That I won’t say again
Got to embrace the streets
So kids can come out and play again
They said

They started riots
They started riots again
They started riots
They started riots again..②…
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