Lil Gunpla – Old Flames

Letra “Lil Gunpla – Old Flames” Official Lyrics

This the last you’ll ever hear me say your name
Guess it’s just some proof that some people never change
Said that you support me acting like it’s just a burden
Guess you can’t read feelings or you know that I be hurting
I was always reaching but you were never there
Got to learn my lesson know that love is never fair
Guess it’s just true what them people always say
Best to burn them bridges when you play with old flames

Said you fell in love with him the moment that you saw him
With all of his money and his riches he had gotten
Threw away your dreams just to have an easy life
But now you’re unhappy as a stay at home wife

Now your life is boring
Adventure seems so foreign
Reaching out to me in the stars where I be glowing
Now you say you wish you didn’t push me aside

But it’s over
No closure
You wasted my time

Just know that I’m alright
And then just move aside

Knew that you would leave was just counting down the days
About you left everything just felt the same
Thought that I’d be lonely maybe it just didn’t set in
All of my memories you were always missing

Now I realize you really didn’t care
But now it feels so nice to breathe some fresh air
Finally gone and broken through all of my chains
Here you still wishing I go back to old days

All I really needed was to go ahead and sever
Everything about you so my life could just be better

Working towards my dreams opened up a new life
And I promise nothing could ever feel more right

Now my soul is soaring
Myself I be adoring
Even my mental state
Finally be restoring

Finally getting onto better days
Just needed to let go of old flames

Just let go of old flames

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