Lil Jairmy x 42 Dugg – Get Back

Lil Jairmy x 42 Dugg – Get Back Lyrics Letra:
I just sold a couple p took a blunt to the face
All I do I smoke weed sell drugs all day
All I do is drink lean I’m in love with the taste
My lil bitch from out the D I made her move to the A
So many choppers in this bitch we bout to run out of space
High speed chase from the jakes imma run and escape
I’m in another nigga hood and I’m conducting a play
And I ain’t tucking in my chain I got my gun and I’m straight
I’m in a whole nother state tinted up fake plates
I can’t go back to that prison I’m not making no mistakes
In the kitchen water whipping it look like I’m mixing cake
I was already that nigga fore I dropped the mixtape
I was already lit moving pounds selling bricks
Robbing shit shooting sticks all around but you can’t miss me
That chopper hold a 50 and imma fire till it’s empty
And we don’t never squash shit bitch get it started we gone end shit
She the driver on the locks so shawty gotta shine with me
I don’t fall in love quick I told her take her time with me
I got my shoes tied dawg so you know I’m never tripping
You can bet your bottom dollar that lil jairmy never slipping
Most these Niggas really bitches do lil shit just for attention
In this shit to get those Ms I don’t care bout recognition
I can’t speak for none of them but bitch I’m really from the trenches
I know niggas on the corner worth a Bentley age of 20
Young nigga talking about retiring and they ain’t even nothing but 20
And they make that money fast as the same way they spend it
He wasn’t born with that bag but he say he dying with it
And he stay club hopping shopping for the lowest ticket
Bitch you know we got it in if you want it come and get it
He be flexing like it’s his but we know that that shit rented
Stolen car windows tinted with some real killers in it
When them bodies get to dropping keep them people out the business
I ain’t linking with no rappers nah these niggas bitches’ ah
You gone get you some get back or nah these niggas bitches ah

Palms real sweating tryna dodge a damn conviction
I’m just tryna handle business but these niggas steady snitching

42 Dugg:
I got my young bitch in the nash moving straight to the A
Long as Jairmy move the gas imma run through the base
I don’t trip on who she fucking she do whatever I say
I might put 50 grams of topside right up under the plates
I might get 60 bows shipped from the bay to the A (No cap)
Keep on posting all that shit might get you shot in the face
All I fuck is cold shit from the chi to the A
I ain’t trippin bout no pape I lost a dollar today
Bitch I might fall out with my hoe to fuck a freak
I might start back selling bows if you promise me it’s cheaper
I don’t ever fall in love doggy good for hit and runs
I could move whatever nigga just make sure it’s more than 1
First year a nigga blowing that pole just ask my uncle
I put on for the east in this shit that’s on my stomach
You heard I put that young nigga down prolly a couple
Them niggas that they run with now been getting lucky
Still fucking back and forth all that time been getting money
Every time I step on that mic shit getting crazy
Every time I step in the whites’ nigga they pay me
Younging prolly fucking his wife reason he hate me
I Know she problay told you yeah me and dugg dating but we fucking
And after a couple times of that we ain’t nothing
We ain’t nothing
We ain’t nothing
And after a couple times of that we ain’t shit NIGGA

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