Lilbice – 100 Condição veinho

Letra “Lilbice – 100 Condição veinho” Official Lyrics

Letra de “100 Condição veinho” com Lilbice, Benzo47 & Gxxdrich

Verso 1: Lilbice

Esses fudidos não tiram o meu nome da boca
Sabe que é o bice que fode a porra toda
A mina dele, é minha fã, me ouve na playlist
Me segue no Insta, essa safa…
Contratante me ligou, hoje vai ter show
Todo mundo muito louco, beijando na boca
This is perfect, elas sabem
Isso é perfeito, elas sabem
Daqui a pouco no meu camarim
Eu não sou jesus mas te levo no paraíso
Essa noite você não se esquece não
Não, não
Não se esquece não…

Verso 2: Benzo47

Tell me why I’m like this
I’m just in my mind
Can’t mistake me for a fake
When it’s me all the time
Genuine and loyalty
That bitch can’t hold it down
Getting to the money
Cause I’m eating better now
Need to
Take some space
Need to
Get away
All these feelings
All these problems
Always haunting me
Guess I cannot see
This life was just not
Made for me
Imma go and get it
Doing me
Until i’m green

Got a certain vision
Of a life
That was made for me
Yung Soulja
Yung Benzo
Yung Duality

Walk with some cash like me
Who got a band on tree
Good drank need IV
Like without her what I’d be
Molly Rock and Cocaine
One hell of a time
Love the way she grab me
When she look me in the eyes
I’m like shawty what you drank
She had a glass of wine
Find me sipping water
Many thoughts I occupy

Babygirl she ruthless
She moody
Now she wanna love
Who this
Can’t escape my music
New me
I call it what it was

Verso 2: Gxxdrich

Ima go fuck this up
I don’t even want yo love
We can go run it in ranked
Bouta go run up the bank
Somebody been plotting on me
Now I carry that yappa on me
I rock my heart on my sleeve
Now they just gossip bout me

I just wanna talk business like this city built on a mission
Killas recognize killas that’s just a real gs intuition
I ain’t tryna catch bodies but if I catch one I’m not sorry
Rolling hard off this Molly I woke up in yo bitch apartment
I don’t give a fuck bout shit when I’m counting up this currency
If you got a problem with it can squash shit if pop shit better murder me
Sipping on this dirty like we 3 6 mafia
I don’t want no drama baby just fill up my cup

Just fill up my cup
I don’t want no drama baby just fill up my cup
Just fill up my cup
I don’t want no drama baby just fill up my cup

Verso 3: Lilbice

Eles me chamam
Sabe, eu vou
Isso é gang shit
Elas sedenta
Querem meu show
Hold up hoe, bitch
Eu e meus casas
Fode suas hoe
Dentro da sua city
Da sua city, fodemos toda sua city

Hoje é sexta, sabe que tem
Na party ela dança pra mim
Lil hoe me deixa assim
Sem condição pra nada veinho

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