Little Simz – Breakfast

Breakfast – Little Simz Lyrics Letra:

Alright, alright
Alright, I’m up, I’m up
Let’s go

Oh, I got a big budget and a price tag
Looking for a body, tell me would you buy that
Went to the Bahamas, tell me would you fly back
Pay me big money, I told you I might rap
I give ‘em an impact, oh
And I be sittin’ at the shop chillin’ with a cup of tea listening to rock
When niggas act like bitches I tell ‘em to wear some gloss
And if you ain’t fuckin’ with me I tell ‘em that it’s your loss so

When you’re in my company better call me the boss
I’ll never go from my skinnies to wearin’ a pretty frock
I’m steady tasering brothers and leavin’ them into shock
And running your mouth will get you written off
Know that we’ll do it on my time, I don’t pay attention to clocks
I leave ‘em out in the rain and tell ‘em they can’t knock, oh

Hotter than a sauna
Broke boys always wanna be the baller
Coke boys got me listenin’ to french
If you’re wantin’ mac & cheese I can give you a saucer
We’re going to the same place but we’re going different ways
It’s the same old scripts but different replays
Got these rappers panicking of what I might say
They run it by me and I give ‘em the okay
Funny, that

Oh, who is this now?
Yo, simz
Oh, yo
Wake up
I’m up, man
Get up, get dressed
Alright, cool, cool

Letras Little Simz – Breakfast Lyrics

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