Liv hayes – Other Side of the Rainbow

Letra “Liv hayes – Other Side of the Rainbow” Official Lyrics

Although it’s impossible
I thought you’d live forever
Infinity wouldn’t be enough time together
I loved you in this life and I’ll find you in the next
Meet me at the bridge and we’ll walk together again

I hope you love your new wings instead of your paws
I don’t know how I will, but for you I’ll go on
If you could, wait for me
And fly through the meadow
Someday I will meet you on
The other side of the rainbow


I hope you frolic and play, but
Promise you’ll wait for me
Until I transcend this body
You gave more love than your frame could contain
And I will love you beyond the rеst of my days

Someday I’ll find you in another time and placе
Will you remember me if you take another shape?
I wish you didn’t have to go
But it’s part of getting old
At least we shared borrowed time
I just never thought I’d have to say goodbye

Love and light are infinite
And you are fur-ever
I’m happy that we could grow up together
When the glow in my eyes dims
And my shoulders sprout wings
I’ll know that it’s my time to go
And then I will see you
On the other side of the rainbow

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