Lord Gasp – Brainz!

Brainz! – Lord Gasp Lyrics Letra:
Nowadays i’m feeling like i’m reaching for air
Want my ransom, a gentleman but i’m throwing tantrums
Nowadays i’m feeling like im reaching for air
From my underground lair , pull my hand out the land grab an ankle

Waste my lifetime , weight the product, brain lasagna
I needed something brighter, all my hope was being smothered
Needed something smarter , feared of being smaller
Than my father really wanted

Something inside his eyes grows
He got blood on the nails that dug holes
He was sculpting, fucking his own skull
He got bugs in the head that won’t go

Yeah i feel this world owe me nothing less than i damn wish
I’ll be begging for bigger pockets to fit the bands bitch
See, my soul’s tapestry going harder than 10 bricks
We aint cut from the same fabric , i come from god’s dick

Rational thinking is off
ima make it my way like a child
unperverted by nature
fuck out my face if you think that i’m wrong
your intentions ain’t pure , all you want is a feature
my mental is precious
cant possibly fold to the pressure, surrounded by leeches
i’m off to the moon
always getting high in my room
im recording until i retire my booty

stop, chop chop
im a cut you like a crop top
cut you out my life cuz you a fuck
pussy boy weasel dont put your nose in my shit
feeble motherfuckers and they bluffin, you a phony bitch

bad brothers
depressed lovers
and brave suckers
this is for people with young hearts like ben button
death covering , scent of a man’s suffer with great problems
fuckers this is for my clique

Lord Gasp – Brainz!

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