Lou Phelps – SOUND OF MONEY Lyrics


Verse 1
I love the sound of money
I love the sound of change
If you ain’t talking money
Get the fuck out the way
Spent the bag I forgot theamount
He tryna brag but I ain’t working til it’s in my account
Change something like a solar eclipse
You might get blind if you stare too long
This ain’t no
She spent the hour tryna holla
Got nothing to show for it
Catch me in the range, boy I had to chauffeur it
Fuck a list, I’ll probably buy your baby mama kids Nintendo Switch
Got em confused, calling me daddy
Tell your shorty Imma pull up, give me the addy
Mary-Jane all up in my pouch, straight outta Cali
Gucci Prada and the shoes Fendi
You niggas faking the funk
Madlib and Loupee, let it bump in your truck

Verse 2
Yo, yo
I lovе the sound of money
I love еxpensive things
If you ain’t talking money
Get the fuck out the way
She feeling the boy and that is without a doubt
Baby thing from the north, she’d love to go south
In money lies the power, I got money on my mind
So my mind is full of power, only call her when it’s time
If the shorty doesn’t pick up just know I wasn’t surprised
She got green in her eyes, all she sees is dollar signs
Lil cousin called up, says he needs bail
Couple demons in the cut, she wanna meet me in hell
Crooked cop stick her up, tryna put me in jail
She ain’t know me for the rings, now my name ring bells
When I pull up to the spot, barely need a introduction
All the masters stole my money, they gon’ face the repercussions
I ain’t really with the he-say she-say
She tryna cut I feel like a DJ

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