LXXIV – Bathing in blood

Bathing in blood Lyrics

Y’all better put some respect on my name before you claim that I ain’t do shit for the underground game/
Never once did I switch on the homies or do some
Shit for the money or fame/
It’s about time that I show these fucks what can happen whenever the beast out his cage/
Half of these rappers you listen to came from my seed now they rocking a stage in LA/

To say I fell off is a sin cause my influence getting passed to the kids/
2018 with ogod the mix started access denied birthed a goat named Quinn/
2019 almost quit all this shit but I came back harder my ops had a fit/
But fuck all the haters turnt shit to a 10 dropping diss after diss to get under their skin guess I’m petty/

I’m a hit maker & so they wanna get rid of me making my ass go crazy/
I hope they realize if it wasn’t for me there never woulda been lazy/
I’ll say it 3 times for the ones in the back that never talk and acting shady/
Before you open yo mouth better swallow they hate before I shake you down like we In hati/
And I can proudly say that nobody made me
I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t a fact/
Who the fuck is a smxdge6 if it wasn’t for me on his track/
All dat new wave shit got you clowns buying plays just know that it won’t ever last/
100k monthly but every track a collab cause you know by yourself you just ass/
And it make me giggle/
How you generic screaming over instrumentals/
Rock a mask on the face now you tough of sumn?/
Put a X in ur name and now you official…right?/
Get some new swag and just quit the bitching/
Yes I got an x in my name but it ain’t to replace a letter that’s the fucking difference/

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