Lyrics 1MILL – Have It Ft.Summrs

1MILL – Have It Ft.Summrs (Official Visualizer) Lyrics
Intro: Summrs] Bitch, If I give you ten
Go zip that nigga
Go flip that nigga
You’ll kill him, nigga
I’ma split you, nigga
It’s been real, nigga

[Verse 1: Summrs] Look at my fucking wrist that bih so motherfuckin’ ice
And ion check the price, I’ll buy if it’s nice
I’m clutching some shit so fucking big, yea, end your life
Nigga, clutching the fucking sig I’m finna end his life
We don’t fuck with no fucking pigs, all my niggas shiesty
All my niggas so fucking slime, it get real slimey
Trying to keep up with my life, it get real pricey
Yea, hang out the roof, nothing to do
Know all my niggas gon’ shoot, yeah
Do it to you, do it to him
Fuck that nigga and his crew
Bitch, I’m gone off blues
Look at my fit, cost as much as juice
Hey, we loose screws
Pop my shit, I pop my shit on you
Finna up a hundred on the ‘Gram, fuck] cam
So rich, I could buy a Lamb’
Up in the four-door Porsche Panamera
Put that shit on camera
Hitting his bitch with stamina
I don’t give a fuck ‘bout nobody kill my manager
Need anger management
This bitch a fan and shit
She don’t eat dick? I’m vanishing
Yeah, lil’ bitch, I’m gone
In my fucking zone, nigga, what you on?
I’m putting my shit on
These sticks, these sticks, they break that nigga bone
I don’t rock Vlone, bitch, I’m alone
Come in my fucking home, I’ma get your shit gone
Lil’-ass boy, bitch-ass nigga, I’m grown
Yeah, Bring hers alone
Hitting this bitch from the back while she giving me dome
Yeah, up in my zone, up in my zone
Know you can hear it in this song
Yeah, AR-15 got a sight, Glock 19 got a pipe
Pouring codeine in the Sprite, fuck the hype
Bitch, I’m very hype…
[Verse 2: 1MILL] Fuck the hype, bitch, I’m very hype
Bitch, I really with the shit, yeah
Codeine กับ sprite เอามา mix, yeah
I told my momma we really rich
อยู่ใน stu กูยังมี sticks
หวังว่าพวกมึงคงไม่คิดที่จะ play
Do not worry ‘bout what I’m sippin’
ปฏิเสธที่จะรัก ปฏิเสธที่จะเย็ด ปฏิเสธที่จะ fake, yeah
Bitch, I ain’t gon’ do shit ถ้าวันนี้กูไม่ได้ get paid
I just bought me a fuckin’ Ricky , I’m finna ball at the mall today
You can get hit with the blick
กูเห็นมึงอยาก beef มึงอยากคุยกับเจ, yeah!
Yea, yea, yeah, we paid, yeah
Told them broke ass bitch keep prayin’, yeah
I’m a P, gotta keep on playin’ yeah
และแบงค์พัน I’m gon’ chase it, yeah
โทรไปบอกแม่ we made it, yeah
All these pussy ninjas hatin’ ,yeah
แต่มึงไม่ได้เกิดมาเป็นนักเลง, yeah
Everyday กูทำกันเอง, yeah
My shoebox full of paper
Got Glock 19 with a laser
จุดต่ำ this where I came, uh
Said we gang but I don’t claim ya
You be fakin’, ion blame ya
ถ้ามึงโดนต่อย that’s a shame, uh
หวังว่ากูจะไม่เกม, uh
กูตบยา I still the same, uh
I got the guap, fuck the fame, uh
ในเกมกูยัง maintain, uh
I’m in the booth, went insane, yeah
พี่กูบอกให้กูละเลง, yeah
I fuck this shit up ด้วยตัวเอง, yeah
I’m living in a Squid Game, yeah
Told you not to come this way, nah
It ain’t P if you ain’t pay us
My pops still got a K, yeah
Ion give a fuck whatcha sayin’, uh
[Outro] Mumbling
Uh, yeah, yeah
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