Lyrics 38 Spesh x Harry Fraud – WARM WINTER

38 Spesh x Harry Fraud – WARM WINTER (Official Video) Lyrics
[Intro] (La musica de Harry Fraud)

[Verse] Big cigars and hard liquor
In the casino in Niagara Falls beefing with the card dealers
All of my kids got four wheelers
I flew ‘em all to Hawaii in December to have a warm winter
Strong member that’s short tempered
When I’m home, I wear a Versace robe with Dior slippers
And when I’m long distance
If an insect crawl when I’m gone, that shit gon’ trigger my alarm system
See, the challenge was to dodge prison
It’s hard going through hell with a talent that’s God given
Lemonade from small lemons
That’s cute, but we made you from fruit that was forbidden
Now they treat us like award winners
Or like they seen us on SportsCenter
When really we just born sinners
Street niggas that matured, I remember being bored, now I eat with the board members
Go to war, I’m most likely to win
Huh, you won’t fight me again
Motherfucker, I’ma use this rifle again
I got a ghost gun that’s plastic I stash in a recycling bin
Huh, I gave hope to my neighborhood
Before that, I gave coke to my neighborhood
I used to eat off trees and rock, I still do ‘cause the top is marble and the legs on the table wood
[Outro] Trust
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