Lyrics DeeBaby – Anymore

DeeBaby – Anymore ( Official Video ) Lyrics
(I’ma run through that mission one time.) (Damnnnn my bad)
(Nah I’m bullshittin’, you get the vibe though)
She left me she regret it, I’m that nigga
We all on drank loaded, with loaded guns with us.
I drop a bag on yo head, before I drop my pistol,
This for my granny, my momma and my big sister.
I ain’t the same nigga I used to be, they said I’m mature
Then when I’m still poppin’ these pills,
she said “baby I don’t know you Anymore.”
Anymore. Anymore.
She said “baby I don’t know you anymore.”

They said all that money baby, I done change some
It just changed my quarter net. (Location)
They diss me and wanna clap back,
Still mad they ain’t important yet.
All this water on me I sail the world,
South Pacific in this yacht going to Ecuador.
They said all the money I got just ain’t enough for me,
I said “no ‘cause I need plenty more”.
Never have I asked for fame, I just had to vent.
My soul dark behind this 5 percent tint.
Take a look inside that mirror, do you know who you are?
They just tell me I don’t know who you is Anymore.
Anymore. Anymore.
She like “baby I don’t know who you is anymore.”

I’m the same nigga I was before I met Pete.
I’m the same nigga I was before I met Cena*
My little brother said, big brother I unno my price.
I said Lil bro look here that’s fine, I don’t know mines either.
Made 100 off of CBD said it was lowered,
22 I went legit made 100 off shows.
Push my body to the limit see how far it goes,
I’m the one that showed ‘em shit they never seen before.
I’m the one who came inside they life, and gave ‘em hope.
Same kid play with his nose, until he overdose.
Same youngin’ who would drop a bird off, sellin’ bowls.
Who stayed the same with, always thought I would Bankroll.
Always get up and I go even when motion slow.
Slow boogie better than no boogie, woahh.
All this water on my neck, it look like Jersey Shore.
They said baby “I don’t know who you is anymore.”
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