Lyrics Enter Shikari – Bull (feat. Cody Frost)

Enter Shikari – Bull (feat. Cody Frost) – (Official Video) Lyrics

So give me some colour
Give me a place that I can go
Cos there’s no other
It’s only there that I can grow
It’s all over now

I thought it was me
Thought I was too much
Oblivious to all of the wreckage that you caused
All that I ask from you
Was to give me your love

You’re a bull
And my mind is a china shop
My head’s full
And I’m shouting on the rooftop
You said it doesn’t even matter
And I’m willing it to stop
Cos you’re a bull
And my mind is a china shop

I let you take every space up in my brain
Stuck in a cycle of routine but I’m afraid
It’s all over now

Gave you my heart on a plate
It should’ve been silver
I should’ve known better
You gave me a shelter
But it wasn’t worth it
Tell me it’s worth it…

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