Lyrics Pete Yorn – Ransom

Pete Yorn – Ransom (Official Music Video) Lyrics
I’m talking ‘bout how you’d push me away
said you always let me go anytime I wanted
you can’t take another look into my eyes and say that we never really tried, baby
you’re gonna run, gonna get out on your own now,
some adventure’s gonna comfort you
I’ve seen enough to get away
it’s killing me and you
In a house in a far away town
you’ll tell me why

you’re holding my love for ransom while your name’s still mine
you want to ask for forgiveness say there’s no other way
and I want you to
yeah I want you to
And I don’t have to try anymore
we’ve been shot right out that door
if anyone would’ve warned me about you
I might have gone the other way but not too far away
not so far away
I don’t have to watch us die.
live a life unsatisfied
you can call it weak but I just don’t care to do this anymore
I can’t love you this way
I can’t love you from this place
I can’t love you this way
I can’t love you from this place…I can’t love you this way…
Lyrics and Music by Pete Yorn.
Recording owned by Boyletown Music. Song master licensed to and solely distributed by Shelly Music, 2022.
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