Lyrics Rico Beats, TaTa, Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh (41) – 41 Shots

Rico Beats, TaTa, Jenn Carter, Kyle Richh (41) – 41 Shots (Official Music Video) Lyrics
[Intro: Tata] (Rico’s going crazy again)
(Shout out Yamaica)
(Beats by Yamaica Productions baby)
Like grrah grrah
Every opp shot, everything dead
Bitch, four one shots to the head
Grrah grrah
Everything dead (Ahh)
Like grrah [Verse 1: Tata]

I’m the general, let’s play
I’ma tweak if I feel a way
No O, I got a K, whatever them niggas jack add a K
No Beyblade but I let it rip
I went inside and let off in his face
All I feel is rage
All I feel is rage
41 bop and we do not jiggy
41 and we runnin’ the city
I can’t lack I move around with sitchy and [?] this shit gettin’ mixy
Walk through they strip and I 41 bop
Oh we tuff? Send 41 shots
If he move funny, that nigga shot
Bad lil’ bitch gotta eat up the cock
[Verse 2: Jenn Carter] Lyrics, Letras, Paroles, Deutsche, Letras, Testi,Тексты, Texty, Norske, Текстови, Versuri, Persian, Liricí, Lirik, Nederlandse, Tagalog

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