Lyrics Rimzee – Back 2 Back ft K Trap, LB

Rimzee – Back 2 Back ft K Trap, LB [DBE] (Official Visualizer Video) Lyrics
I know half of these ni##as don’t like man,
Dots left and the bells in the right hand (shush)
Ima do it like rebirth, pull up with matics and push,
And he would’ve been here if he didn’t gas my man (whoosh),

I chose a dumb route, I hit the road,
I trapped in the damn south and I’m here,
Stolen rides on the book, bine sitting lonely is why its intense
Double the chrome and I double the drum,
Homicides and they’re hitting your mum,
Got the new size when I step on the grub,
And I manage the fit with the snub

Lamb truck, I fill it with drillers,
You’re warring some millionaires,
Fresh out the trench, we done it on dingers, we done it on peds,
I’m cutting off corners,
The bricks are inside, something like tetris.
When the trap going crazy, I’m feeling alive, ima fuck up my pension
Young boy a runner,
Scheme on the plug but the boy aint dumb enough,
By blood ima a d-boy, cocaine on the phone like hurry up, hurry up,
The stain is part of the game,
A nigga remade, the play is coming up,
We setting up shop in your town, away we came – warya, warya

Don’t draw me out, Ima prover,
9L thats a luger, 4 for the sprayer
My young boy came with a SK on a e-scooter (sprayer),
Do that wrong, it’s tuna,
Ordering canteen on a computer,
Measure the brick, I don’t need no ruler,
Drop in the ice, gonna make it cooler.
I’ve been bad from back then,
Dance with the spinner, sip on a magnum,
When it was galore, you never had them.
Dinger done too much mileage, wheels probably losing the traction
4 white, 2 black bells, I’m tryna fill up the action (fill it, fill it)
Shoot that chest with a rotty, body laying there stagnant,
Then I’m uptown, let me get soft-shell crab legs (thank you).
F##k the leg, tryna do it like Rimzee, I upper clap them (headshot)
Russian nine, it came with a accent,
Rub that, check its him then slug that,
Rucksack, if we ain’t in the car I clutch that,
Bro got numbers and letters he hugged that,
Bet he comes home tryna find where the grubs at.

Remember when I washed that white girl,
I was upset ‘cause I never got none back.
Handle the 4 but I love that bruckback,
Shoosh with the whoosh, man hush that (shh)

Yo, should be giving dawah in the ride, tryna turn man ghost like Power,
Step with the sig sauer,
My lifes been a movie, Idris Elba,
Should be tryna go umrah but I’m in the yard with habad and ounto,
Committing these acts of a kufr but im rapping embarrassing the ummah.
For all these things that we do, Had to sit down and pay my dues,
Heard my bro was in a madness,
Ran out my crib, had on two different shoes.
Went there and rise up the broom,
Give them an offer they can’t refuse.
In the street, me 1 and my tool,
I let it beat before I knew Fumes.
Foot, bike, cars whatever,
Any day, any time, any weather,
Gun in my hand like henna,
Mad man, Stevo and Emma.
Don’t beef on insta live, Lil Reesie – come outside,
I don’t even rap, I make the truth rhyme,
Gang active that’s standard,
I put the clap in Clapton,
Step with a passion,
Ni##as are acting, I am the captain.
For wal alo, rise that pistol,
They love me like i’m from Mogadishu
Ni##as don’t want no issues,
I make it pow like Bizzle.
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