Lyrics Rod Wave – Just Sing

Rod Wave – Just Sing (Official Audio) Lyrics
Fas, you made a hit

Uh, 23 with a big money tree
Tryna plant some more
All the sunshine in time
Ok watch how that bitch grow
So much rain on my window pane
Still won’t let it show
Bullets rain through my window mane
Everyone get low, youngin on the floor
Like if I make it home, I promise I won’t feel again
Soon as the smoke clear up, we gone spin a Benz
Jumping on a jet and chasing checks
Just like a business man
Kiss her feet, grip her by her neck
Much than a gentleman, uh
Ok saving up them bands again
Cause I learned ‘bout life and I know how to
Hesi it
They left me stranded here, I got locked in on this planet shit, oh
Yeah, Ok try to remake youngin, but the youngin is a 1 of 1
God gave me daughters
But he blessed me with my brother’s sons (Awe yeah)
Fresh out of the trenches, drop my niggas off a honeybun
‘Cause I know it’s hard and in my heart
Know where they coming from
You wanna see the stars
Get in the car, and you can get a glimpse
Rushing out the trenches baby, so don’t mix me up with him
I ran up them millions baby, so don’t mix me up with him
This ain’t no pandemic baby, so don’t mix me us with them
Ok and I can tell your tired, I can see it got your hands full
(Got your hands full)
I think it’s too much for you to handle
You had a thousand thoughts a minute, you think too much
(You thank too much)
But you don’t never say too much (Don’t be saying too much)
I sang till I’m lonely
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, oh

You had a thousand thoughts a minute, you think too much
But you don’t never say, too much
Oh, oh-ou, oh
Yeah, yeah
Oh, oh-ou
Oh-ou, yeah
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