Lyrics XAXEELEPN3 – 1980s

Lyrics XAXEELEPN3 – 1980s
Beating it like Michael Jackson 1980s
That bitch a hoe she wanna have my babies
Feeling like young boy got 38 baby’s 38 sons
Nigga talking shit hit him with this gun
Fat ass boy can’t even run
All u do is sit and eat honey buns
You rap for real I do this for fun
Nigga make like a honey bun
Dick in her mouth she make me cum

Lil broke ass bum
Shoot a nigga have him breathing like
Oh my god
Send him to god send him up to heaven
Y’all niggas got knifes but we got Mac 11s
Remember when we was broke worked at 7 11
Can’t fuck with the cops so I was scared when I turned 11

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