Lyrics Zerimar – Topic

Zerimar – Topic (Official Music Video) Lyrics
Cause ah different way the thing ah set
The kinda girls them wah mi get
Vex thru me pull all ah the bitches

All them pull ah cigarette
And meh dawg them shoes brand new
So yuh better watch yuh step
Unless yuh nuh give ah fuck
And nuh care if yuh get yuh death one press

Couple singer way mi never ever call
Meh name just fi get ah hype
For the new year all meh dawg ah elevate
And that the pussy them nuh like.
And if we doh we been thru struggles
Me ah hold out cause the future hella bright
Cause fi rich me wah fi be with all meh bredda
Dem for life yea
Spliff ah build all night nuff private flights
One ah mi dawg them to mi left on to mi right
Just ah enjoy life cause me nuh follow the hype
Man just wah be rich so me cah do wah me like.
Take ah boy girl and me give her the pipe
Now him wah turn suicide
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