Maddie Zahm – Pocket Bible

Letra “Maddie Zahm – Pocket Bible” Official Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet

Verse 1

Met some guy in my science class
Said he was gay and I didn’t get that
Wish I had known it then cause looking back
He could have been the best friend I couldn’t have


Passed out advice, never passed out on drugs
I carried around judgement and labeled it love
Thought I knew exactly how to live exactly right
But truth isn’t travel sized


What’s it gonna take to heal a heartbreak?
What happens when you kiss a girl for Christ’s sake?
If I’m getting high, am I a mistake?
Just a good kid gone bad?
Why’d thеy start to want me once I lost the wеight?
Why do I feel better when I don’t pray?
I must’ve missed a verse that was vital
Cause none of this was ever in my pocket bible


Ooh, ooh

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