MalikSouls – Partygang!

Letra “MalikSouls – Partygang!” Official Lyrics

You know
Always gonna’ party
But at the same time
Back on my feet
I don’t know what to say
27 heartbeatz
Party, new shit started
New, go, no, party
Oh, shawty got my mind
Another nine, when im stepping in the nine
Then the nine, brother got another nine
Ay, room lighting
Oh, looking at the street and go
The proof is far ton fold
I don’t know what to say anymore, yeah, moonwalk
I’m back on my feet, yeah
Yeah, games defined party
New shit, but i do things before
I even started…
Far away, far away
Back on my feet
Eating that fire, again
Inside of my, mouth burning
New set, nеw when
I do things, no, but i keep on swishing
Back on my feet, i need that fire burning
Don’t know what to say anymore
Givе me strengh
To look at everything
This is the strengh that’s growing
Look at the burning fire enlightening
The sight of alls, of all
I don’t what, between, greens and greens
Rise and fall
Taller than before, no
I am sure, no, shit
Cut the cord when i do the things and all
Trough the floor
Back on my feet
Party all night, or the light
Steppin’ in the new light
But i try every time, when i try is when i fly
Trying to fly, no life, but the defixing
Ay, the definition of the life
I don’t know what to do
But i try stepping in to things instead
And in to it
From darksmen into light
From darksmen into light
I don’t what to say anymore
I’m back at my feet
Looking at the streets and the road
Begging for an open gate
Renegade for the grenade
I don’t what to say it’s a s-
It’s a sound it’s everything
And no, memories, i don’t know
But i lost it all, amnesia
I don’t know mesha
I don’t know mac
And it, i got my own pathetic
I don’t know what to say
But, it’s unlikely it’s just genetics
Talking about mine, imma fuck it
No luck it, when i fuck it
On the mud and the new things
And all but i knock it on the new shit
Just take it, on the chocolate on and
I fuck it, and i ????
The things that i got in my mind
My life, strippin’ in and out
When i’m steppin’ on the nine
I, don’t know, i don’t know what to say anymore
I’m back on my feet

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