MARIANAS REST – Glow From The Edge

MARIANAS REST – Glow From The Edge Lyrics Letra:
Shadows of men drifting on fumes
Driven by the glow that gave them birth
Containers for thoughts
Something that once got lost torn away of its soul

Nothing personal ever
Gave tribute to what they are and here I am
Damned to witness it all
Damned to watch us all


Deceived by the glow of the edge
To gaze into the ceaseless
End to a futile quest
To fill the hollow inside with

It never ends

Stereotypes thrown over the edge
Under unforgiving cold
I could swear I heard someone laugh
As we drove ourselves through the black

I wish nothing more
Than the power to take it all back
I never desired anything as much
As to have the strength to change the direction

I wish I could explain just how it feels
To know what I know now, to see what I have to see now
And to do it all again and again
Powerless, part of an all consuming cycle
in the end we all


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