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Pay your respects to the people’s champion
My speak universal, maybe just not in your circle
You could say my flow Mandarin, I ain’t from the Ministry fonds
Where you got plucked like a mandolin, whose mans is this?
Let an algorithm say what kind of man you is
Rely on A.I., but won’t work on how you handle shit
That ain’t the answer, kid
I push the lines, they shit sound like risk management
I like my privilege and I never once complained about my disadvantages
And I won’t, just don’t act like I was handed shit in this game when to this day, they tryin’ block my shine cause of insecuritiеs they ain’t abandonin’
I’m a truth that you know but you ain’t accepted yеt
Come back to me when you ready to discuss how I’m actually the best
You couldn’t fuck with me and all that alchemy’s just distrust and the size of your nuts
Retaining all this wisdom, I think that kid they think a whiz, dumb
I ain’t impressed with dudes
And that ain’t rude, I’m just frank
Word to the fur I just threw in the fire to bake
Cause I’m retiring, lying, and hiding in flyness for sake of disguising your lack of a basic desire to think
It’s Mr. Call It What It Is, ire runnin’ high
They don’t want to stand next to me, hmm, I wonder why
Nothing reveal the truth more than a fuckin’ lie and vice versa
That’s why they don’t want none without the bags in my sight
Word to the bags under mine so I’m up in mine
‘Cause it’s cold out here
And shit startin’ to get darker like like it’s late autumn
Don’t call me for a Verzuz battle ‘less it’s James Baldwin
I’m on Do Not Disturb in case fake callin’
I don’t wanna know, I’m tryna live for now
Student of the game but I’m princ-i-pal
Since I was a little child, always had ambitious style, yeah
So just embrace me, dog, stop it
I birthed a lotta rappers even if they look adopted
Spend all day reading comments and then wonder where their calm went
With dudes fakin’ tell them yeah, word, let a con vent
I learned that when I was hooping up by Convent
Let ‘em judge you, just don’t get held by where their calm temper
They will
See I’m different, they feel the shit I spit from Brazil to up in them LA hills
Dudes hear the kid and they chill
Start amending they wills
Pretend offended, they bills
Depend on who they say they ain’t
Come around like they angels and try to play the angles
Offer value exchanges and then they never pay you
So this year, I had to get some people off the back of me
Can’t hold it down for everyone, hoe I ain’t gravity
I been in the cut gettin’ stronger like an infection
They been movin’ back, space gettin’ longer like a reflection
Ironic they can’t see their own
Feel like the most loved dude ever who was destined to be alone
Listen to my mothafuckin album, man
Stop playin’ with me

Marlon Craft

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