Marshal Keep – Don’t Use a Meme (Acoustic Version)

Letra “Marshal Keep – Don’t Use a Meme (Acoustic Version)” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Here’s a message to all of those corporations out there
I can see what you’re doing with your advertisement ploy
And I don’t know if you’ll even try to listen or try to care
But this is not something you should treat like a toy
Now, I know you’re trying to pander to a demographic
And have your advertisements be noticeable
But when you post shit like this, I’m afraid it might get graphic
So right now, I’m gonna sing from the soul

Chorus 1

Don’t use a meme if you don’t know what they mean
Don’t use a meme if you don’t want to cause a scenе
‘Cause it just seems just really forced
Don’t lеt the temptation take its course
‘Cause when you misuse a meme, it makes people wanna scream
You’re trying to be funny, it won’t make you any money
Am I being unfair? You know what? I don’t care
‘Cause it doesn’t seem like you either

Verse 2

Now it’s time I think we get specific
So here are some of the travesties you’ve done
To be honest, some of them are quite horrific, they’re sadistic
So take some notes and try not to be dumb (try not to be dumb)
Seamless, you are one of the worst offenders (You’re so bad)
Failing to use LOLcats right, or Doge (How’d you fail at that?)
IHOP, you’re a joke, and Jimmy John’s, you can croak!
It’s time that somebody spoke

Chorus 2

Don’t use a meme if you don’t know what they mean
Don’t use a meme if you don’t wanna cause a scene
‘Cause you won’t gain anything
Pain’s the only thing it’ll bring
‘Cause when the meme goes stale, that’s when the ad is bound to fail
You’re trying to be clever but no meme will last forever
Does this come as a shock? Well you can go suck a… rock
‘Cause it doesn’t seem like you get it

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