Matt Bellamy – Simulation Theory Theme

Simulation Theory Theme – Matt Bellamy Lyrics Letra:
This might be the beginning or the end of things, I’m not sure
And I feel like I don’t know what the truth is anymore… more… more… more…
Do you?
I do know that we’ve been lied to and manipulated for too long. far far too long
I’m sick and tired of it. Goddammit!
We hide in our homes, scrolling through feeds and other people’s fantasy, made-up lives, while algorithms give us bite-size information tailored to what corporations, lying politicians, and foreign powers want us to see and believe
We’ve blindly clicked accept to their terms and conditions too… too many times. And now wе are owned
We’vе been reduced to nothing more than data to be bought and sold to the highest bidder so they could sell us more crap we don’t need. Make us angry at things we never cared about. We’ve turned into consumption machines. Destroy each other, and the only plan that we have… whatever happens to our human dignity and privacy. We thought we had escaped into our own quiet little world. But No! No! They had to invade our minds. They wanna control and manipulate the entire reality. But I had to wonder who are they? Is there anyone as “they” anymore? Maybe the algorithms and AI had become the new “they”. And maybe they now control us and manipulate us
Whether they know us better than we know ourselves, we have to WAKE UP. It’s time to WAKE UP. WAKE UP, people! WAKE UP don’t you sit there watching. Do something! This is our last chance to take back control before it’s too late

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