¡MAYDAY! – Lifetimes

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Lifetimes – ¡MAYDAY!
Lyrics, Letra:
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go

Welcome one, welcome all to the freak show
Grade A bigger bistro
Where the beef’s known to be lethal
And survival’s like a free throw
My beach is super sweet though
Like Normandy better reload
If you’re born to be for the people
You can be orderly and beech slow
What you thought this was? Utopia? well guess again
Cause in these times you tryna fly is not something I would recommend
I dream of better place and better things for all my better friends
But its gon be a while before we better men
I told my shrink I was a sinner, told my priest I was a god body
Told a groupie I was in a Christian band
And I had a drink from this gods body
Programmed like blade runner, living life in the same summer
On the sand strapped like game hunter
Tryna wrap a bread like it ain’t butter
Been plugged up and wired in, prime time for the violins
Signed up for the cryogen, Now vibe out to my violence
See I been trying to find out how to live forever
But at first we must learn how to live together
Cause we got

Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go

I ain’t seen no flying cars, I don’t see no hoverboards
Ain’t seen no peace in the east, don’t see an end to these wars
I still see people going hungry after begging for more
Still see zombies on my block soon as I walk out my door
Better know it’s still business as usual
Yes the struggle is beautiful
We keep feeding this machine giving it something computable
We still raise on these soldiers, brought a cost too much for us
And still controlling populations and still chopping down forests
The trees I burn earn warrants, daddy still in storage
We keep fighting for food and eating, still feel malnourished
Bro we still ‘fraid of the police and scared of the 12 jurors
Why they still giving us diseases if they say they ain’t cured us
They still ain’t heard us, my thirst so murderous
They been trying to buy my soul and then employ my services
Every single place I look I still don’t see no sign
That we done leveled up and freed our minds
But we still got

Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go
Lifetimes to go

Lifetimes (lifetimes)
Lifetimes (lifetimes)
Lifetimes (lifetimes)

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