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Eye Waata – Mellow Mood

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Lyrics, Letras da Musica
I could have drowned inna eye waata
When the system jus a try hold me down
Could have drowned inna eye waata
When me feel me couldn’t take it no more
Could have drowned inna eye waata
But me float caw mama make me strong enuh
Could have drowned inna eye waata

There was a time me used fi teary and a bawl
Track pon me cheek it longer than the China wall
Could not believe the rain from out me two eyeball
One buck a tear me woulda make a million
Me cry salt waata and go turn a fisherman
Man coulda sail the tears like a catamaran
Sail out from pain-land and dock inna sorrow-land
But me nuh sink inna the sand

From inna muma belly me used to hear a song
Same song still a play when the nurse wrap me up
It play like a soundtrack when mom and dad hug me up
All when it did quit it start back from the top
From cradle to pram to the first step I took
Back to when me did a toddle, drink milk and puke
Every step weh me a take inna me life me hear the hook

Well I could have drowned inna eye waata
Could have cried all the while make a ocean
Could not see no money could not see no plan
Like Tom Hanks inna him little island
Dem seh hope a the last thing to leave a man
And pressure make we brave smart and strong
So even if I man a the last one to stand
Me a go clear the pathway with me hand

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