MICKS – Mr Right Now

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Mr Right Now – MICKS
Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1.
Fallin’ asleep,
Is bittersweet,
We’re no longer talkin’,
But then,
You’re there in my dreams.

You burn sweet heat,
Like a wild disease,
Flowing through my bloodstream.
Your voice is so serene.

All I wanna do is just,
Lay my head down on your chest.
Trace the lines of your greatest times,
Beginning to end.
And listen to all the stories,
From your chapters before me.
You set my soul on fire,
You could be Mr Right Now.

Verse 2.
Colours are looking vivid,
With your breath I’m less timid.
Your confidence outshines,
The hundred-fifty-thousand grey lines.

I guess rules were meant to be broken,
You’ve blown through,
Causin’ a force wind.
I had walls up for a purpose,
Now they’re breached and I’m so hopeless.

Oh I’m so gone,
Don’t think I’m breathin’.
Don’t want my heart,
To stop believin’.
I got my eyes,
damn wide open.

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