Moeazy – Affect

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Affect Lyrics

She all up in my mentions
She liked all of them pictures
She want all my attention
She don’t know what to do with some
I know just what you into
Leave your body all bent up
Hate me when I’m not with ya but it’s different story when I’m with her
Ah come on
You got me lone like a wolf
Animal in the moon
Howl all in the morning
I know
Yea I know
Yea I know
How we go
It go on and on
From the night till the morning

This my black thought I speak from the root
Girl don’t turn round I’m speaking to you
We finna move
We finna groove
When we touchdown girl you know we go for the two
Way you move girl don’t nobody move
Real rude girl with the dope attitude
They not on this what we finna do
We just take off a weekend or two

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