Money Man – Ran Outta Wind

Ran Outta Wind – Money Man Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1
Fuck her so long that she ran out of wind
I’m on a website, I’m purchasing BINs
AMG kit on my car, that’s a band
Cartier world on my spectacle lens
Bitch on my arm and you know she a ten
My partner pulled up and he came and bought ten
Pushin’ that Bimmer, my car is a sin (Trauma Tone)
When I open that pack, niggas smellin’ the scent
I’m at the top of the Twelve in a pent’
Synthetic fraud, I ain’t payin’ no rent
If they raid the spot, then I might do a stint
I reach in my pocket and pull out a roll
He reach in his pocket and pull out some lint
She tryna fuck me, she givin’ me hints
I go get some money and stay out the mix
I’ma open my door, I’ma hop out the whip
When I walk in the house, she gon’ jump on my dick
She gon’ take off my clothes, she gon’ suck me with spit
I just put her on swiping, her ex-nigga sick
I just bought her a laptop, now she got the kit
She just punched in some numbers, got clothes for her kids
Tryna take from the kid, you’ll get burnt like a cig’
We just left from downtown, she just swiped for a wig
We don’t do this shit small, we gon’ do this shit big
She gon’ love me forever and never renege
I’ma love her the same, I don’t fuck with no pigs
I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout Taye, but I know niggas dig
Put some racks on your head like I work up in Lids
Takin’ trips out of town, we done hit different banks
All the crime that I’m doin’, they feel in they state
I done already drained the card, agents too late
I done already raped an account, they too late

Verse 2
She gon’ come fuck me to sleep
Backin’ up the trap, truck beep, beep
Ridin’ ‘round catchin’ plays one deep
Got white cards, got cheat sheet
Got the fast Benz, this an AMG
At the Lakers game watchin’ AD
And my jewelry cold like AC
Royal Oak, dawg, this an AP
Shooter ridin’ with me like KD
Nigga, I’m a chief like KC
Bae, I’ma beat like Tay Keith
Nigga, I’m a killer, don’t make me
Ridin’ around scammin’ in a H3
Red bottom runners, they blue navy
These niggas broke, they too lazy
Grab a surfboard, I be too wavy
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