Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta – Birthplace

Birthplace – Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta Lyrics Letra:
Put he price on low I won’t pay that
In the city only where I get hate at
Make sure that shit real before you take that
Tryin to do what I do can’t fake that
Im the shit without you and you know that
Bitches made that I done bought my hoe that
FN when like when gonna blow that
Steady stepping on shit free Kodak
Humble to a certain extent
Jump off the jet the board the yacht
Let youngster control the car
Press the bread Im twisting za
And this shit here very high
London Cake with berry pie
Gotta know smoke come with fire
You must not be scared to die

Once I cut you off I don’t want you back
You my biggest hater thats a fact

You know I can’t spare no pussy rats
They put cases on me back to back
I get money the fuck you think
All blue hundreds I don’t fuck with pink
Feds I the hood everyday a op die
Church every Sunday in my Cuban link
Ive bee hearing voices you gonna get extorted
Im just telling you what the shooter think
You a pussy nigga
Every time you you wash your pussy
you gonna have to use a sink
She want a part of my heart
Im trying to give that lil bitch a part of my safe
I told that bitch from the start
I aint trying to be in love with ya im just trying to go on dates
She aint gotta ask me
She know where the stash be
She know when the ops come she better spray
I love her body, paid for the plastic
Every time I wanna hit she gonna wanna lay

I get money the fuck you think
Smoking za rule, Murder Inc
Poured up in a dirty drink
Sipping with my sneaky link
Hit her on the kitchen sink
She hollering out energy
Tell her what she wanna hear
She be like you sending me
Lingo in my word play
All a nigga get is M’s
Represent my birthplace
Hittas come thru with that yea
At your top like hairspray
Do em in the worst way
His niggas didn’t ride form em
They just got some shirts made

Once I cut you off I don’t want you back
You my biggest hater thats a fact

You know I can’t spare no pussy rats
They put cases on me back to back

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