Moonblood – The Quest After The Doctrines Of Mighty & Wisdom

The Quest After The Doctrines Of Mighty & Wisdom


Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Within the enchanted forest I dwell
The quest of neverending wisdom keeps me alive
Since aeons I wander through time and space
The fall of mighty civilisations I did survive
I met the almighty gods of ancient races
But noone of them could satisfy my thirst
I let them behind of me
Ignored them and their feeble doctrines
Every night I did meditate under the clear sky
To become one with the universe
The eternal stars told me a story
Of an ancient ruler of the fire
Noone knows his name anymore
And forgotten are his magics
They gave me the cosmic key
To enter his realm of gloom
To please my lust of greater arts

I did follow the steps of the hidden path
Two guardians did guide me to the immortal one
And he did await me to make me his apprentice
“I am the god of flames
Come on enter my realm
Sitting to the left at Satan’s side
Unspoken is my name”
Overwhelmed by his infinite knowledge
I signed the pact with my sweet red blood
I am servant of the greatest master of sorcery
I’m at his side since ages are gone and hundred races died
I will still sit at his left when mankind is no more
As guardian on the portal of mortals empire
And when the chaos reigns the fallen angel will triumph

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