Moonblood – These Graves and Wooden Coffins Are My Realm

These Graves and Wooden Coffins Are My Realm


Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Behold the starry night, pale shine
The rising moon lights up a sombre vision
In the mist, witches dance
Ancient names on stones infinite old
Crucifixes and statues tower up from the soil to the height
Listen to the raven’s song, fellows of the grim reaper
Gloomy and dark their throats spit out malicious words
Spite is filling the air with occult mysticism
Pure evil is dwelling here
Inside the cemetary, mystified creatures
The stinky breath of the dead, odour of eternity
Impurity on holy ground
The aura of the ghosts has supplanted the breath of god
Stepping on that cursed funeral soil is strengthening me
Can absorb that magic from the burial ground
And witches chants conquering loud the silence
When I walk along the path of graves
There, shooting stars
Will they announce a new vision
Are they messengers of the coming dark age
I see those names that mean nothing to me
Only names, nothing but unknown names
A maze of funeral places
Opened coffins, dead eyes stare at me
Emperor of the funeral realm
Along the coffin’s path I’m walking
Ghosts eyes follow me
To the throne of the cemetary they guide me
And they kneel down before the emperor’s throne
I take reign of that nocturnal idyll
During the mystic fog mixes up with that earthly breath
Only pleasure is inside my heart when I watch my kingdom
These graves and wooden coffins are my realm

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