Movements – Skin To Skin

Skin To Skin – Movements Lyrics Letra:
It’s just something in the way you move
I’m certain that I’ll circle back to you
I wonder if you do it too
I’m caught in you so often I forget who’s who

You’re on my mind
Am I out of line?
Lend me your clothes
I’ll lend you mine

Could you take me in?
I wanna be inside
I’m buzzing at the thought of being you and I

Tangle me into your limbs
(The mystery is killing me)
Spill your secrets to me, skin to skin
Sit back and I’ll paint your portrait
The softest of lines
The rest is so unimportant
Right now you’re mine

It’d help me fill the void I guess
To feel you resting in the space below my neck
I know I tend to make mess
But I promise that I’ll try to keep myself in check

It floods my mind
Being intertwined
Lend me your heart
I’ll lend you mine

I need your skin
I want your time
I don’t wanna be without you for another night

I know that you’re so preoccupied
I shouldn’t even try
But I could make you feel like you’re supposed to
If only for one night
Instead of chasing doves
We could fake some love
Make pretend for a while
I know that you’re so preoccupied
But maybe for one night
Maybe for one night
(You could)
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