Mula KKhan – BIG FISH

BIG FISH – Mula KKhan Lyrics Letra:

I just up the steel now he tryna sit still
Strollin thru his pockets I ain’t
never seen a bill
Punch him in his socket I got rockets
I’m foreal
His homie tried to stop it, Imma pop him
I should chill
Relentless wit the gang im topic what u saying
No stoppage I’m in planes
Imma rocket I explain
No option on his brain, imma pop him
But I’m strange
My posse wit the range, I’m on fire for the change (imma pop his sh!t)
Flicky flicky off sh!t , freaky freaky off his b!tch
I’m wit kenny and a chris
But they ain’t really in the mix
You in alleys wit a pit
I’m off the chain I bite him quick
I need all that jewelry b!tch
I’m wit the gang I need QUICK!

Big fish, big risk, h0e take this
Real lit, big steppa not a fit bit
Real drip real gutta h0e big lit
Misfit, real stunna yeah big fish

Big lit h0e I got a big stick
Misfit got’em in the house sick
Med kit got her whole leg stiff
Night shift I been in my bag since
If it don’t make dollas it don’t make sense
Posted with a hottie like I can’t miss
Trickin on a th0ttie but that ain’t it
Fvckin on body then my boys hit
2 tone fit, I’m in a new school whip
With Bluetooth rift I can’t
Be a lift
Got the window tint, in the regal bent
With the Kk scent, I just need fifth

Mula KKhan – BIG FISH

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