Muncho – Close

Muncho – Close Lyrics Letra:
I can’t let you get close to get caught under my skin
My momma raised a gangsta she keep praying imma win
So father God forgive me I keep dwelling on my sins I keep sitting on my knees I keep hoping you repent
I keep going through these faces took some slaps up on the Chen
Now look I finally graduated know I’m smarter then my ken
They use to call me ugly now this money make me look Ten
I started hanging with the bosses just to show them I can blend
Forever getting hatted so I stand on f*ck a friend
And it’s the music sh*t what made me so high that I can’t land
And the way this beat get to drumming could’ve sworn I had a band
Had to take a couple losses but I changed them all too wins
All the niggas that had crossed me I’m changing different plans
Ain’t stunning nun of you niggas I’m getting hella bands
My baby momma just call me she think we having twins
She keep on closing up but I’m the one keep easing in
And all this money I keep getting I give back to my kids
I held it down yo in the streets just
So I see them right so they know that daddy was a Boss I never was a bit*h
And I went through a lot of pain so that made me reminisce
I don’t even think if you think to hard you could even imagine this
Damn drank got me thinking I’m sipping on some activist
And these diamonds round my neck you know that sh*t be hella lit
And all this money I keep counting ain’t no counter fit
And let this rain drip on me I’m so hella drenched
Took along way to get this far and now it’s making since
I remember when I seen dark but now it’s lighting in
Manifesting when I was speaking so I spoke again
Woke up one morning and I thought about dead presidents
looked in the mirror like I seen a different preference
Fu*k the fame I want the money in the heaven sent
Fu*k the games I’m tryna make my whole family rich
Diamonds dancing so when in move you know they fucking hit
Ever where I stay stepping like a fu*king lick
Ain’t no NLE I come and walk you down with this stick
Smoking out my lungs I keep on feeling up with Cannabis
Watching out for niggas cause they snake you know they really hisss
And I can’t let you get close to me I’m out like a wilder beast
All my friends is dead you know I turned to my enemies
The only friends I got is all this money in these pocket jeans
The only thing I’m trusting is this pocket rocket on side of me
I don’t think they understand my struggle
Man I know I had to hustle
Working working working I can’t stop till I got bigger muscles
I’m black successful spread it to the block and now I’m very helpful
My pockets on that heavy wait I’m knowing I can’t hesitate
Ain’t no Coileray but I elevate
My stomach big cause I over ate
I went in the booth and took one take
Now these bit*he’s digging my fonshway
I been balling hard like Lebron James
I don’t talk twice I say one thang
She pulled up gave me good brain bout That head I’ll go to chain gang

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