Muni Long – Hrs and Hrs

Hrs and Hrs Lyrics
Muni Long – Hrs and Hrs Lyrics

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Uh, oh, ooh, mmm (Yeah)
I don’t usually do this but, um
Can I sing to you?
Yeah (Yeah)

Verse 1
Yours, mine, ours
I could do this for hours
Sit and talk to you for hours
I wanna give you your flowers
And some champagne showers
Order shrimp and lobster towers
But it’s me that gets devoured
Ooh, when you do what you do, I’m empowered
You give me a superpower
Together the world could be ours
You sit me up on the counter
Instantly, it’s thunder showers
Stormin’ for a couple hours
When we finished, take a shower

I could do this for hours

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