Nas – Full Circle

Full Circle – Nas Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Nas
(Hit-Boy, G. Ry got me)
Ayo, Hit-Boy, man
I need to roll up some of that fonto you got, man
I be seeing you smoking
Yo, how that I.E. weather?

Verse 1: Nas & AZ
Tilted brim like Goldie talking
Pryor listening, my prior women had no remorse
When they tried to end on no discourse, no discussion
I’m all alone and all the people with the big hats on went home
So what you gon’ do now, Goldie? Your bottom left you
It’s up to me and you, Goldie, through introspection
You ain’t Goldie, you Nas, and my heart ain’t cold as it was
And I go through multiple love triangles over and over enough
I talk to my boxing trainer, he’s my logic explainer
Conversations through our combination
He told me, “Stick and move,” and “Different rules apply to different women”
Some women’s into licking women
Some women’s independent, some women want brothers who educated
Some women want Benz’s, leather seats that are perforated
Some do malevolent snake shit
Yo, you can miss me with that fake shit (Peace king)
Verse 2: AZ
Dialogue superb, flyest cars on the curb, word
When I evolved, a higher God emerged reserved
More subtle, come from the stress and the struggle
Young then, obsessed in the bubble about it
Took advantage if a woman allowed it
One of the foulest, some would say I was childish, money-driven
Mischievous, I perceived it as livin’, gifts and ribbons
Any kisses on the lips was forbidden, I was on it
She curvy, then shorty was cornered, no worries
For the naughty, it was higher performance, or was it really?
The games that I was playin’ was silly
Similar to them days when I was packin’ that milly, it could’ve killed me
Caution never crossin’ my mind, she callin’ cryin’
Me, I’m more concerned why she ain’t fallin’ in line, was buggin’
Grew a lot since they said I was stubborn
Guess it’s real, even players need lovin’
When you enamored by female companions, there’s no standards
Once you hit and it switch the dynamics, that’s the damage
Reflectin’ on first impressions, what’s she expectin’?
Why when men don’t follow directions, it’s deception?

Verse 3: Cormega & Foxy Brown
I was intrigued by fine women, I realized
Some were drop-dead gorgeous living a lie
Oblivious to beauty inside truly defines
Will you walk with me or are you there for the ride?
For better or worse, every blessing and curse
Understand exotic sands come after the dirt
I was dealing since adolescent
Thinking my girl was my possession, I stand corrected
It takes understanding and affection
Time is money, I need growth for my investment
I don’t like attention unless it’s a woman
With majestic grace like an empress in Essence
Let’s just chill, catch vibes in the grill
Celebratin’, many of us never made it (Haha)
Whatever brings you down won’t elevate you (Uh)
Like a real one beside you is very gracious
Verse 4: Foxy Brown
Ill Na Na top five, nigga, dead or alive
Nigga or bitch, Firm mafiosa shit
Ayo, Esco, name a bitch fuckin’ with me
Did a bullet, came home, Brooklyn gave me the key
No cap though, facts though, nigga, that’s really rap, though
Like really though, my nigga, she really back though
Like really though, my nigga, she really rap though
In my lowski low shit, nigga
Got my wooskies locin’, nigga
Comme de Garçons loafers on my posters, Firm la familia
First lady, nigga, Bonnie for real
Pussy power like Tasha pushed Tommy to kill, uh
Black Sheba, Philipp Plein on a sneaker
Low in a two-seater, bitch, I spits ether
I’m saying my salaams, what up?
Got my three gods with me, so ladies, keep it a buck
La familia

Outro: Dr. Dre
Life (Life)
Everything comes back around full circle (Yup)
(Miss me with that…)
What up, Hit-Boy? One of my favorites (Ooh)
Yeah, you know what the fuck this is (What it is?)
King shit, Firm Biz
Mastered this, no alternative
Classic shit, that’s affirmative
Ha, got me out here on my first-degree murder shit
Stretch marks from this art, gave birth to this
And I stand by every word of this
Malcolm X with a check, close curtains, bitch

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