Nas – The Definition

The Definition – Nas Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Brucie B
Something new from my man Nas
This the world-famous Brucie B
We call this one “The Definition”, haha
It’s that vibe
Get your groove on, step, clean, ya know what I mean?
All the way from Queensbridge, my man Nas
Something new, here we go (Hit-Boy)

Verse: Nas
Yo, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Traffickers, African Latin, wire tappings
Here come the people, run my people, they don’t treat us equal
I’m talking the law for me, freedom is illegal
Tape telephone conversations, what kind of nation
Got three hundred million people they investigating?
I know they’re tryna watch me, a Russian oligarchy
Politically, it’s principle they try to stop me
Powerful people establish you, they try to mute you
Unethical ways put you in prison, try to roof you
Our youth is dead to us, they called us superpredators
Stupid words from the President’s mouth, where are his editors?
Antarctica is 65 degrees
Global warming, they don’t wanna believe
And they’re hanging people on trees
And what the fuck is up with Gayle King?
A black male, a female thing, a failed thing
Journalism or internalism
Shirley Chisolm wouldn’t play the victim
Eartha Kitt woulda been finished with him
Top of the charts, guarded my heart, playing my part
Sun rising but they want us to stay in the dark
Scorned woman wanna slump me, to fade me to dark
King’s disease, I cure this shit with my art
Interlude: Nas
The definition of King’s Disease
Well, also known as rich man disease
You ain’t gotta be rich to get it
Just doing too much, you’ll get it
Gout, uric acid levels up high
Get you some lemongrass
Some cherries, alkaline water

Outro: Brucie B
Tell a friend to tell a friend
My man Nas
It’s the world-famous

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