Nate Brazier – Feels

Letra “Nate Brazier – Feels” Official Lyrics


Every dog has its day
Every day has its dog
The pressure’s falling away
The pressure’s falling off


Ooh we’ve made an opening
Nothing left to say
Up on a different wave
Without noticing
Nothing feels the same
As when I couldn’t feel a way
Without focusing
Now nothing physical
Nothing tells me how you feel
But I feel it

Verse 1

Ooh the mess that comes with it
Ooh the botched shit and the critics
All the same now ooh such a shame now
Ooh she forgetting the lyrics

Build the blame up, just to split it
Drop the neck chain, that’s a vision
Drop the structure, ooo jus forget it
That’s the culture, that’s thе profit

Where you’re lacking sеcurity
Straight to the pocket with that
So being good with me
Yeah that’s a turbulent act
That’s a rebellious fact
I step back
I relax
Take my gaze
Off the pack
An irreverent tact

So we fall of the ropes and we
Forget the tropes that define us
Or stay aligned with the minds that designed us
Reflect on sin on our past to remind us


Verse 2

Wishing walls could talk
Feeling buildings start
To tremble fall apart
Delusion that’s the art

You trojan with your cool
You’re more exception than the rule
Hide the medicine in the food
Hide your reverence play the fool


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