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Nautical Mile – Regicide

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Lyrics, Letra: Regicide – Nautical Mile
I thought you were different,
I thought you were a dream
But now my eyes are open
You’re not what you seem

You think you can change me
Well I’m sorry, think again
No understanding of my pain
And you won’t let me mend

You’re always pointing the blame
Another player to play the game

Want to call it love, want to call me your friend
Want to be my queen, but you’re just like them
Burn the pages of chapters past
I’m sorry to say this just won’t last

We talked shit like we knew what we wanted
Not letting go of the past you were haunting
Passing all your tests, jumping through all your hoops
History repeats itself, it’s caught on a loop

You’re just like them
This just won’t last

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