nelward – TUBE

nelward – TUBE Lyrics Letra:
I am enamored by your love
i’m an animal, enamored by you

(who am I to deny your light? On your light I rely)You’re the love by which I’m defined

I’m defined
I am an island in the sky
A denial of islands in you(I’m the sun, I’m the moon I’m the seaBut I’m bound by the trees)
And I live to protect your peace
All the time

But I’m stuck in a tube
I’m a bastard
The 2 dimensions in which I’m confined for all time

I’m a sun, I’m a moon, I’m a tree
Your light invigorates my leaves
But my longest branch can’t reach

YOU know why I can’t be a seed

I’m a bastard
The two dimensions in which I’m confined
Are dooming me to choose from left or right
Choose(your master)The metal pipe in which you will reside
For all time

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