Never Any Ordinary – Chapter 1

Letra “Never Any Ordinary – Chapter 1” Official Lyrics

The statistic is that 41% of trans people attempt suicide in their life and I’m part of that statistic

Honestly, if trans people could just walk down the street like everybody else and not get harassed, not get beaten up, not get raped, not get murdered, you know? Like that’s a really, just ending that bullshit. That’s a perfect world. I mean, it’s not like we’re asking for anything special. We just want to be ourselves and be acceptеd as ourselves

Uh, it’s not bullying, it’s- it’s- it’s violencе. I mean I, well, bullying and violence are really the same thing. I think bullying is a very, sort of, polite way to um, um, talk about violence and it’s extreme violence that far too many trans people experience

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